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Starting Your Freelance Writer Career: Basic Tips

We all want to work at our convenience and flexibility. That is being our boss. However, not all jobs can afford you the luxury of being your boss. Regardless of how talented you are, you will find yourself answerable to someone. However, in freelance writing at WriteZillas you have the freedom to be your own boss. You only answer to yourself, and you can work at your convenience. You can work either at the convenience of your living room or office. One thing to note is that you have to go a long way before you can reach the level of becoming your boss. You need to improve your writing skill and become the best in the field. Clients will always go for the writer who is experts in their fields and deliver the best. In that case, your skills should stand out for you to attract more and valuable clients. Here are ways you can improve your writing skills:

  • Be authentic, original, and unique

Ensure that the readers will feel your writing input. It is the primary way to stand out before your audience and make them more interested in your work—most people battle to project their authenticity and construct their image all the while. The most celebrated journalists have that ‘oomph’ about them, and regularly their composing goes before them. Try not to be hesitant to be strong and cheeky and get that exhausting out of the window.

  • Please choose a topic of your interest

It is easier for you to write about a subject you are passionate about rather than something you have little interest in. It is an excellent way to build your brand and add some personalization to your writing.

  • Polish your language

Your language is the main commodity that will propel your message to the readers and determine how interested your readers will be. Good grammar is an essential skill in essay writing. You can liken grammar and essay writing to a carpenter with a hammer. An excellent way to gauge your grammar skill is by letting other people critique your work and point out your mistake and your areas of improvement. 

  • Know your audience

Your readers are an essential part of your writing. It is because everything you do is for the benefit of your readers. You need to understand your target audience’s preferences and structure your writing to align with your reader’s expectations. Writing content targeting a particular group will guarantee that your writing will have an audience.

  • Do proper research of your topic

It is not enough to write about anything. You need to do extensive research so that you can come up with quality content. You should always aim to give the best, and with persistence, you will do better every day. There will be moments when you will feel low and experience writer’s block. However, with proper research, you will find more content and have plenty to choose from.


Some people have the writing skill naturally coming to them, while others need a lot of practice and regular writing to improve their essay writing skills. You need to read extensively to improve your grammar and open up your mind to more ideas to improve your writing. Focus on your areas of interest to develop your confidence and have an easy time writing. Criticism is also an excellent way to progress. Have peers and professionals that can critique your work and give your pointer of where you can change. Consider the above tips and smile your way to being one of the best. 

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